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Latino dancing will always be a good way to learn about our popularity and our history. Learning to dance will not only improve your foot game and your confidence but also will
allow you to meet more friends around Latin America. We designed a dance lessons
package for you.

  • Salsa: Rhythm born in the Caribbean, more specifically in the bowels of Cuba, of multiple
    movements, a worthy representative of Latinity, which has become part 0of the word
  • Champeta: Rhythm raised in Cartagena, with African origin, born in the popularity of the
    neighborhoods of the city, is part of our idiosyncrasy.
  • Bachata: Caribbean rhythm, sensual, light movement, in which you can move without
    asking permission to the feet.
  • Merengue: Rhythm born in the Dominican Republic, easy steps, happy and sensual
    movements, you will be the owner of the track